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Goodreads: Meet your next favorite book.

I have told several people IRL over the last few months about why I love Goodreads. I was shocked to learn that they’d never heard of it. They were keeping track of the books they wanted to read in various lasts – on their phone, on paper, etc. That was me back in 2013 before I discovered Goodreads. And it changed my reading life. Honestly.

5 Reasons I love Goodreads

1. Goodreads keeps track of what I want to read.

The reason I started using Goodreads was to consolidate my TBR list. I have the Goodreads app on my phone, which means I always have the list of books I want to read. And I always have access to the full library of books, so I can add books to my list whenever I hear about a book I want to read. Currently, my to-read shelf has 612 books on it, which is pretty insane. It may be time for another cleansing of my TBR list, but that’s something I’ve already written about.

2. Goodreads keeps track of what I’ve already read.

Goodreads helps me remember what books I’ve already read…or at least the books I’ve read since 2013. I have added some others that I know I’ve read, but I haven’t really tried to remember a more comprehensive list of books I’ve read. Knowing what I’ve read in the last 3 years is at least a good start. I have 472 books on my read shelf.

3. Goodreads helps me remember which books I liked/disliked.

As soon as I started using Goodreads, I started rating books, which means I can now recall whether I liked or disliked a book. Before August 2013, I could fairly accurately remember the books I’d read recently, but I didn’t always remember whether the book was good. That made it really hard to recommend books to friends and family. Goodreads rating make that much easier. (Blogging and reviewing books has taken it one step further and helped me remember WHY I rated the books the way I did.)

 4. Goodreads allows me to see what my friends are reading.

I love getting book recommendations from people I know. When my Goodreads friends (who are most often friends in real life) rate a book they’ve read, it helps me decide whether I want to read the book. If they write a review, then it’s even better. Plus it’s fun to know what your friends are reading, so you can talk about the books. You know I love talking about books!

5. Goodreads has all of the book details.

I have an aversion to super long books (500+ pages), so being able to see the book length right away is really helpful when I’m deciding whether I even want to put a book on my TBR list. It’s also nice to be able to get information about release dates. Especially now that I read a lot of reviews on blogs, it’s nice to know whether the book is even out yet.


As a book blogger, Goodreads makes many other things a lot easier: grabbing book details for review posts, compiling lists of books for Top Ten Tuesday and other list posts, and sharing my reviews with other readers. But all of those things are really secondary to why I love Goodreads as a reader.


Do you use Goodreads? What do you love about it?

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  1. YES!! I love Goodreads too for all the same reasons. I love all the details it has on books especially page counts. I don’t like super long books either and sometimes want a super quick read and I can check that. I now track all the books I own on kindle and physical so I know because it has gotten out of hand. I do love to see what my friends are reading too Great post!!
    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog recently posted…Monthly Rewind ~ September 2016My Profile

    1. Thanks! I try to specify the version I read, but I don’t really separate my TBR list into ones I already own vs. those I just want to read. I should. I could get more out of Goodreads if I put a little more time into it. 🙂

  2. I love Goodreads for all the same reasons you mentioned…and I also love hearing about a book, and then hopping on to see if any of my friends have already read it/rated it. In the blog world, I have a decent idea of who has similar tastes to me and sometimes I find it easier to pick a book based on that. It’s so great being able to keep track of books read and TBR.
    Heather recently posted…The Book Recommendation dilemmaMy Profile

    1. Yes, good point! I love seeing whether a new book I’ve found is one my friends have already enjoyed. I also use the comments to enter the URL of the review/post I read that made me want to read the book. Then I can give credit and link to the other blogger’s post when I finally review or include in a list post.

  3. Yes to all these reasons. I’ve also had that experience of being shocked when someone hasn’t heard of Goodreads. I have friends who manage their reading lists via excel spreadsheets, which sounds time-consuming and no fun at all! I’ll add that I also love doing the Goodreads challenges, so I stay on pace with reading.

    1. Yes! I do the challenge every year too. It’s fun to see how much I’ve read in the year.

      I was visiting my mom this past weekend, and she added the books I recommended to a notepad on her iPad. My sister and I both balked at her and told her to download Goodreads. She didn’t. Someday. 🙂

  4. I started using Goodreads in 2009 on the advice of a book club buddy, and have never looked back. My main use of it continues to be logging the books I read, and it took me a long time to start exploring any of the more social aspects. I also have a certain fondness for their lists, and will sometimes waste ridiculous amounts of time meandering through that section of the site!

    1. I know! It can be a big time suck. I enjoy looking through the Goodreads recommendations for me based on past reading. I use it now to record kids books I’m reading with my son as well, so we can get the great books out of the library again in the future. It’s just such a great tool!

  5. I’ve been (actively) using goodreads for a couple of years but before that, I used to use a notebook or slips of paper to track my tbr. Goodreads totally changed my reading life too haha. I discovered all these amazing books that I had no idea existed and part of the reason why I switched to goodreads (instead of continuing with the notebook), was because I needed a more efficient way to track the books I’ve already read. This is still the #1 reason why I use it. That and, like you said, remembering what I liked/disliked. I have a bad memory so it’s nice to be able to check what I rated a book or what I said in a review.
    Rachana recently posted…a really late recap of the last 4 monthsMy Profile

    1. I’m with you! I can’t remember what I liked or disliked. I used to be able to when I was younger. I like to blame it on the fact that I read SO much, but I think it’s just a sign of aging. 🙂

  6. I started using Goodreads in 2013, too. I love it! It keeps me organized as far as read and unread books. I also keep track of which branch of the library has which books on my to-read list, so I know what to look for when I visit. Blogging would not be possible without it, although I’d love it even if I wasn’t blogging!

    1. Interesting idea with the library branches. I request everything through the library interloan program, so it doesn’t matter too much. But that would be very helpful if you visited the libraries in person. I sometimes feel guilty about the number of books I have shipped to me at the library. They must spend a lot of money on me.

  7. I love Goodreads! I agree with all of your points here. Plus I love that I can add my own shelves. I started using Goodreads in 2011 I think and I used it daily. I don’t know what I did without it. 😀

    1. Thanks. I know! Seriously, how did we survive without it. I have my own shelves for kids books – to read, read, to read when my son is older. I wanted to make sure I remembered the good ones, so we could get them from the library again, but I didn’t want them mixed in with my own books. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, 500 page books are WAY too long. I can’t commit to that amount of time for only one story. I really want to read Game of Thrones and Outlander, but I can’t stomach the length. Maybe someday. 🙂

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