TV to Book Recommendations: Teen Dramas

TV to Book Recommendations: Teen Dramas

No matter how old I get, I still love a good teen drama TV series. If you’re like me, and you loved the series discussed below, you will likely enjoy these book as well.

Dawson's Creek, Emmy and Oliver

Dawson’s Creek…Emmy & Oliver

So, yes, Dawson can be kind of whiney, and Joey doesn’t pick him in the end, but there’s still something fun about the classic boy next door trope. Emmy & Oliver is a terrific YA contemporary romance with one of the healthiest teen relationships I’ve ever read. Oliver returns home after being kidnapped by his father 10 years earlier. Emmy and Oliver used to be best friends, but they have to re-discover each other and rebuild their relationship, this time romantically. It’s super cute!

Gilmore Girls, Dreaming in Chocolate

Gilmore Girls…Dreaming in Chocolate

I haven’t watched the whole Gilmore Girls series, but I’ve seen enough to appreciate the mother-daughter relationship and the small town feel. When I finished Dreaming in Chocolate this past weekend, I knew I’d finally found a book that matched this TV series. The daughter in this book is only 8 years-old, but she’s been through a lot, and she knows what her mother needs. Also, the small town in this book plans a Festivals of the Fates that matches just about everything Stars Hollow has even put together…plus there’s a bit of magic! (Note: Dreaming in Chocolate doesn’t come out until February 2018. Sorry!)

Friday Night Lights, When We Were Worthy

Friday Night Lights…When We Were Worthy

These two are an obvious pairing: a show about high school football and a book, When We Were Worthy, about a town torn apart by a horrific accident involving a football player and three cheerleaders. The intensity of the parents in both made me connect them immediately on top of the football overlap. And the tragedy of the book mirrors that of the first season of Friday Night Lights.

The Fosters, The Upside Unrequited

The Fosters…The Upside of Unrequited

You all know that The Fosters is one of my Netflix obsessions. I actually just binged season 5 last week. I love the high drama of this series as well as the tough parenting situations of dealing with 5 teenagers. The Upside of Unrequited reminded me a lot of this series with the sibling drama, the LGBT relationships, and the children helping their moms plan a wedding.


What teen drama do you love? Do you have any book recommendations based on them?


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