TV to Book Recommendations: Adult Dramas

TV to Book Recommendations: Adult Dramas

If you’re looking for a break from your Netflix queue, or you’re just missing your favorite show, check out these book recommendations based on some TV show adult dramas.


Brothers & Sisters / Eight Hundred Grapes

Brothers & Sisters…Eight Hundred Grapes

Brothers & Sisters is a show I devoured in a few short months back in 2012. The full series was (maybe still is) on Netflix. It’s about a family of 2 sisters and 3 brothers and what happens to them after their father dies. There’s a family business and lots of assets. Some good political drama and lots of family schenigans. When I read the book Eight Hundred Grapes last year, it reminded me a lot of this show because of the family business, a vineyard. If you haven’t read it, but you loved Brothers & Sisters, check it out.


Desperate Housewives / Big Little Lies

Desperate Housewives…Big Little Lies

I never finished the Desperate Housewives series, but I did enjoy the first few seasons. The show follows a group of neighbors who couldn’t be more different. There is some major drama in this show! The adult craziness and fiercely different standards of living and personalities is quite similar to the characters in Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, my favorite book of 2015. If you enjoyed Desperate Housewives, I think you’ll enjoy this book.


If You like Downton Abbey, you'll like Longbourn

Downton Abbey…Longbourn

Downton Abbey is perhaps my favorite show of all times. I love the Victorian era feel even though it’s set in the early 20th century. I love the dynamic between the servants and the family living upstairs. Longbourn, which is Jane Austen fanfiction essentially, is the Pride and Prejudice story from the servants’ perspectives. And it has a very similar feel to Downton Abbey. If you love Downton Abbey and Jane Austen, read Longbourn.


Parenthood / After I Do

Parenthood…After I Do

There are a lot of story lines in Parenthood. It’s another show about a large family – 2 sons, 2 daughters, their kids, and the (grand)parents. Jim and I watched this show together because the characters reminded us a lot of his own family, which has the same sibling make up. One of the aspects I loved was how closeknit everyone was, including the spouses. I was reminded of this show when I read After I Do recently. This recommendation is a little more of a stretch, but if you enjoyed the drama of Julia and Joel in Parenthood, then I think you’ll like After I Do.


What adult TV dramas do you love? Do you have any book recommendations based on those shows?


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  1. Okay these are ridiculously great recommendations.

    I LOVED Brothers and Sisters. Way, way too much. Eight Hundred Grapes has also been on my TBR forever so I guess I really should get going. I just started Parenthood last night and LOVED After I Do, so we’ll see 😉 Also I loved Desperate Housewives – even though it was/got totally ridiculous – so I can totally see most of Liane Moriarty’s being good comparisons to that show!

    Great list!
    Lauren @ Bookmark Lit recently posted…Holiday Review: Winter StreetMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Lauren. This was a fun post for me. I have some other recommendations in mind for Teen Dramas and Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows. Stayed tuned. 🙂

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