Review: The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

I am a sucker for camp stories, so of course I loved The Name They Gave Us. Lucy is a pastor’s kid. She’s always been good. She’s dating the perfect gentleman, and they’ve done nothing more than kiss. But when Lucy’s mom’s cancer comes back, she gets angry. Everyone’s platitudes aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s just not fair. She starts swearing, and her boyfriend can’t handle it. It’s seems a little crazy, right? Unless you grew up in a conservative church, this part of the story might be ridiculous. I completely got it. Lucy’s mom persuades her to take a last-minute job at a camp for […]

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Review: My Life with the Liars by Caela Carter

My Life with the Liars by Caela Carter

My Life with the Liars is a wonderful middle grade novel. I don’t usually review middle grade books on this blog (reserving those for my other blog,Mom’s Radius), but since I read this book out of my own interest and not as a mom, I thought I’d share it here. I loved this book! Zylynn was raised in a cult. Right before her 13th birthday her father breaks her out, but Zylynn doesn’t know he’s her father. She doesn’t know much of anything about the normal world. She’s desperate to get back to the Children Inside the Light before she turns 13 and is cast out to […]

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Review: When We Were on Fire by Addie Zierman

When Were Were on Fire by Addie Zierman

I devoured When We Were on Fire in one day – practically one sitting. Before I was an atheist, in my adult life, I was part of a couple of Evangelical Christian churches and youth groups during my high school and college days. In this book, Addie Zierman chronicles her own experiences with Evangelicals. It was like reading a memoir by my high school/college self, or at least someone who went to my youth group. I enjoyed reading her experiences in high school with many of the ministries and events that I attended. While Addie and I ended up in different places with our faiths, I […]

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Review: Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu

Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu

I was anxious to read this book since I loved Mathieu’s The Truth About Alice. Devoted is another amazing book about a girl in a difficult situation. Mathieu handles the topic of extreme Christianity almost without judgment. It is the backdrop for Rachel’s existential, coming of age tale. Told in the first person by Rachel herself, this book is compelling and fascinating. Mathieu definitely did her research. Rachel’s world is so scary but so true. I instantly felt for Rachel. The amount of work she was made to do at just 17 years old: homeschooling her siblings, cooking dinner every night, putting her siblings to bed, […]

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