Discussion: Character-Driven Novels

Discussion Character Driven Novels

Today I want to discuss character-driven novels. I just finished another very character-driven book yesterday, and, honestly, I kind of hated it. (My review will be up tomorrow.) It got me thinking though. Do people really enjoy character-driven novels? According to this Goodreads list of Popular Character Driven Books, I have read and liked many character-driven novels, but I think it’s only because they also had a decent amount of plot action. The way I see it, an author can paint a picture with their words, tell a story with those words, or, ideally, do both. I just don’t get character-driven novels. Sure, I like getting […]

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Discussion: Envisioning location as I read

Side View of House | Pexels

I was listening to We Are the Ants yesterday while driving home from work, and I had a realization. The character in the book said something about the living room couch looking so lonely without his grandmother sitting on it, and I realized that the living room I was seeing in my mind was the living room of my childhood best friend. I thought back to an earlier part of the book and recalled envisioning the brother’s bedroom as the bedroom of my best friend’s older sister in that same house. Thinking back on other audiobooks I listened to recently, I discovered that Hermione’s bedroom from Exit, Pursued […]

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Why I love Goodreads

Goodreads: Meet your next favorite book.

I have told several people IRL over the last few months about why I love Goodreads. I was shocked to learn that they’d never heard of it. They were keeping track of the books they wanted to read in various lasts – on their phone, on paper, etc. That was me back in 2013 before I discovered Goodreads. And it changed my reading life. Honestly. 5 Reasons I love Goodreads 1. Goodreads keeps track of what I want to read. The reason I started using Goodreads was to consolidate my TBR list. I have the Goodreads app on my phone, which means I always have the […]

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Discussion: Reading without reviewing

Book on a blanket

Do you read books that you don’t review? I used to, but I don’t anymore with one exception. In the beginning When I first started blogging at Mom’s Radius in May 2015, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I was looking for a place to catalog our family’s experience. I wanted to connect with other readers. And I wanted to share some life advice: recipes, parenting tips, etc. with whoever wanted to read my blog. I read 12 books that month, but I only reviewed 4 of them on my blog. In June 2015 I read 12 books and reviewed 13 (one […]

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Discussion: Books that make authors famous

Open Book

Do you remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Ron starts attacking Cho Chang because he thinks she’s just jumping on the bandwagon about Tornadoes quidditch team? It’s completely understandable, right? No one likes when fair weather fans start acting like they’ve always been die hard fans just because their team made it to the Superbowl or the World Series or whatever. That’s kind of how I feel when an author that I have loved for a long time finally has a book that makes the best seller’s list and suddenly everyone is reading that book and acting like […]

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Discussion: Settling on Star Ratings for Books

Book, Notebook, and Laptop

I’ve written before about rating books. I’ve discussed what my ratings mean, why I don’t give half stars, how I feel about 3-star ratings, and even rating non-fiction. But I’ve never really talked about how I decide on a rating for a book. The beginning Almost as soon as I start reading a book, I get a feel for the tone, the characters, and the amount of details the author is going to provide. Usually by page 50 I have a general sense of what my rating will be. If I’m really into the story, and I don’t want to put it down, it will […]

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