Shifting Genres: Less YA, More Adult Fiction?

Shifting Genres: More Adult Fiction, Less YA Fiction

Last week, I read Lauren’s (Bookmark Lit) post about being older and pickier, and it got me thinking about my own reading preferences. I used to read a ton of YA books, but I feel like in the last couple of years, I’ve been reading more adult fiction. I thought it would be fun to look at the numbers, and to analyze some of the reasons that adult fiction is appealing more to me recently -or- perhaps the reasons that young adult fiction is appealing to me less.

The Stats – Adult vs. YA Fiction

2014 — Adult Fiction: 31 books (40%), YA Fiction: 47 books (60%)

2015 — Adult Fiction: 45 books (45%), YA Fiction: 55 books (55%)

2016 —Adult Fiction: 51 books (45%), YA Fiction: 61 books (55%)

Interesting! I’m not reading more adult books percentage-wise, like I thought. Perhaps it just seems that way because I am reading more books – both adult and young adult. In 2017 so far though, I’ve read 7 adult fiction books, and only 4 YA fiction books.

Reasons for More Adult Fiction

Three changes in my reading life are contributing to the volume of adult books I’ve been reading lately.

She Reads

Since being asked to join the She Reads Blogger Network, I have been reading one of the quarterly book club selections. That’s only one additional adult novel every 3 months, but I’m also following the blogs of many others in the group, and I’m reading more adult reviews. I’m guessing that’s leading to more adult books on my TBR list.

Book Clubs

Book Clubs always influence what I’m reading. For the 16 months or so, I have lead a sporadic Moms Book Club with other moms from my son’s grade at school. We only read adult fiction. I’ve also been participating in a couple of online book clubs and reading adult fiction selections for those as well.

Country Woman Magazine

I write the “Book Club” column for Country Woman magazine, and I have to recommend 3 titles per issue for the readers. Since the average reader of that magazine is a 60 year old woman, I have had to read more adult fiction to find good picks for those articles.


Do you read more YA or more Adult fiction? Why?


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    1. Yeah. I go through phases too. I think maybe I’m just a little burnt out on YA. I have been reading some lately just because I have a bunch of NetGalley titles I need to get through. Ha.

    1. Yes! I also added reasons why YA isn’t appealing to me as much. I think I’m just getting burned out. YA books don’t have as much plot variance. I can only read a teen love story so many times without something extra added in to boost the appeal, ya know?

    1. So true! Book clubs are great for getting you to read books you might not otherwise pick up. Although light and fluffy is good too when you just need time to relax.

  1. I have definitely noticed an increase in my percentage of adult fiction in the past few years. Mostly, this has been because I do a majority of my reading in the form of audiobooks these days (when I am doing something else, like exercising), and adult books tend to be longer (hence of higher ROI). But I have also found that it’s harder for YA books to hold my interest these days, for whatever reason…
    Jen Robinson recently posted…Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History: Walter Dean Myers and Floyd CooperMy Profile

    1. Good point with ROI. I will likely make similar choices now that I have an Audible subscription. I still love YA, but in general I think the appeal of adult books is greater these days. Perhaps just because I am getting older? It could also be that the older my son gets, the more I’m identifying with the adults in YA instead of the teens, and that makes it less appealing. I’m not really sure.

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