Review: Water on the Moon by Jean P. Moore

Water on the Moon by Jean P. Moore

Water on the Moon was not quite what I was expecting. It’s a character-driven story about a middle aged woman¬†already hurt by divorce who’s world is shaken when a small plane crashes into her house. Luckily, she and her teenage, twin daughters are unharmed and taken in by a caring neighbor. Lidia quickly gets wrapped up in the investigation into the pilot and her seeming connection to Lidia. I was hoping for more from the plot of this book. It’s rather slow, and¬†since it’s a short book, there just wasn’t enough substance to satisfy me.

I did really enjoy the relationships between Lidia and her daughters. I am a twin, and my sister and I were very close with our mother in high school, so it reminded me of those days when I was still living at home but starting to think about college and branching out. Polly, the neighbor who takes in Lidia and the girls, was a rather eccentric older women. She was kind and wise and added a lot to the story. She was a grandmother of sorts who always knew what to say to Lidia or one of the girls. I liked the female relationships.

The mystery aspect of this book was interesting. Since I liked Lidia, I didn’t mind going along with her on this journey. I enjoyed seeing everything unfold. I just wish it would have happened a little quicker.

Rating: 3 Stars

Water on the Moon
Jean Moore
She Writes Press
June 3, 2014

Early one morning, Lidia Raven, mother of teenage twins, awakens to the sound of a sputtering airplane engine in the distance. After she and her girls miraculously survive the crash that destroys their home, they're taken in by Lidia's friend, Polly, a neighbor who lives alone on a sprawling estate. But Lidia has other problems. Her husband has left her for another man, she's lost her job, and she fears more bad news is on the way when she discovers a connection between her and Tina Calderara, the pilot who crashed into her home. In the months following the crash, Lidia plunges into a mystery that upends every aspect of her life, forcing her to rethink everything she thinks she knows.

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