Review: The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

I love a good amnesia story, and The Upside of Falling Down was a pure delight. Clementine wakes up in a hospital in Ireland after surviving a plane crash, and she cannot remember anything about her life. She doesn’t know what she’s doing in Ireland or why she was on that plane. She panics when she learns her father has arrived from America, and she convinces a nice young Irishman that she’s been mugged and just needs somewhere to stay for a couple of days.

This book was packed with wonderfully nice characters. I loved Clementine’s male nurse at the hospital, and of course Kieran, the boy she ran away with, was super adorable. Plus his sister’s boss at a eclectic book story is pretty great as well. Clementine, “Jane” after she’s assumed a new identity, is unrealistically lucky that she’s not taken advantage of. But with suspension of disbelief firmly in place, this book is super cute.

Jane becomes rather enamored with Kieran although intrigued about his life. He’s determined to finish school doing something he hates to prevent being cutoff from his father. This story has kind of a he saves her, she saves him kind of vibe. It sucked me in right away.

Kieran’s pregnant sister offers a good bit of conflict, and things get rather interesting at the end of the story. If you’re looking for a light and fun, while still kind of deep, young adult read, this is a really great one.

Rating: 4 Stars

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This fact does not in any way impact my thoughts/feelings about the book.

The Upside of Falling Down
Rebekah Crane
Young Adult Fiction
January 30, 2018

For Clementine Haas, finding herself is more than a nice idea. Ever since she woke up in an Irish hospital with complete amnesia, self-discovery has become her mission.

They tell her she’s the lone survivor of a plane crash. They tell her she’s lucky to be alive. But she doesn’t feel lucky. She feels…lost.

With the relentless Irish press bearing down on her, and a father she may not even recognize on his way from America to take her home, Clementine assumes a new identity and enlists a blue-eyed Irish stranger, Kieran O’Connell, to help her escape her forgotten life…and start a new one.

Hiding out in the sleepy town of Waterville, Ireland, Clementine discovers there’s an upside to a life that’s fallen apart. But as her lies grow, so does her affection for Kieran, and the truth about her identity becomes harder and harder to reveal, forcing Clementine to decide: Can she leave her past behind for a new love she’ll never forget?

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