Review: The Leaving by Tara Altebrando

The Leaving by Tara Altebrando

The Leaving is a great YA suspense novel. On the first day of kindergarten six students went missing, and now 11 years later five of them return. They cannot remember where they’ve been, but they act like normal teenagers, so obviously they’ve grown up relatively normally somewhere. This story sucked me right in. I was so intrigued and curious about what could have happened to these kids.

The story is told in alternating perspectives – Scarlett and Lucas,two of the kids who have returned, and Avery, the younger sister of the boy who never came back. Scarlett’s mother is convinced the kids were abducted by aliens. Lucas father dies tragically when Lucas returns home. And Avery cannot understand why Max hasn’t returned when the other seems unharmed.

Tara Altebrando masterfully weaves together these three characters’ memories and knits together an incredible tale. I couldn’t stop reading this book. The writing was so compelling, and the characters were very likable and interesting. I was a little disappointed by the ending, but ultimately I loved this book.

Rating: 4 Stars

The Leaving
Tara Altebrando
Young Adult Fiction
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
June 7, 2016

Six were taken. Eleven years later, five come back--with no idea of where they've been.

Eleven years ago, six kindergarteners went missing without a trace. After all that time, the people left behind moved on, or tried to.

Until today. Today five of those kids return. They're sixteen, and they are . . . fine. Scarlett comes home and finds a mom she barely recognizes, and doesn't really recognize the person she's supposed to be, either. But she thinks she remembers Lucas. Lucas remembers Scarlett, too, except they're entirely unable to recall where they've been or what happened to them. Neither of them remember the sixth victim, Max. He doesn't come back. Everyone wants answers. Most of all Max's sister Avery, who needs to find her brother--dead or alive--and isn't buying this whole memory-loss story.

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    1. I don’t know how it could have ended better. I don’t think any scenario would have made me happy. It was a fun ride up until the end though.

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