Review: Sugar by Kimberly Stuart

Sugar by Kimberly Stuart

Sugar is a perfect read for foodies and lovers of reality TV. Charlie, a pastry chef, is lured out to Seattle by her ex-boyfriend, who’s recently opened a new restaurant. Fed up with her dead end job in NYC, Charlie agrees to be his head pastry chef, but what Avery neglects to tell her is that she will also be his co-star in a new reality television show about the restaurant. Because she’s already settled in and her best friend is so happy to have her in Seattle, Charlie reluctantly agrees to do the show.

This book is a great glimpse into the riggers of high profile restaurant life. Charlie is an interesting character. She is struggling with the balance between work and life. After devoting herself to her job for so long, she is unable to relax into a new relationship with an amazing guy. Kai is also in the food industry, and he’s the next door neighbor of Charlie’s best friend. He was perfect and hunky and just plain fun to read about.

Ultimately, I enjoyed this book, but it was a little too fluffy to be called a “great read.” If you’re looking for something light, you may enjoy this book.

Rating: 3 Stars

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This fact does not in any way impact my thoughts/feelings about the book.

Kimberly Stuart
Skyhorse Publishing
February 7, 2017

After realizing her coworkers at L’Ombre, a high-profile restaurant in NYC, will never appreciate or respect her, Charlie Garrett allows her ex-boyfriend, Avery Michaels, to convince her to work for him as executive pastry chef at his new Seattle hotspot, Thrill. She’ll have her own kitchen, her own staff—everything she ever wanted professionally.

When she arrives at Thrill, however, she realizes that Avery wanted more than a pastry chef for his restaurant—he wanted a costar for the reality show they’re filming about the restaurant and its staff. Charlie is uncomfortable with the idea at first, but she soon realizes that this is her chance to show the world what women in the kitchen are capable of. She sets some ground rules with the film crew, signs a non-disclosure agreement, and promptly meets the man of her dreams, Kai, off-camera.

The show, and her demanding work schedule as head of the pastry kitchen, makes it nearly impossible for Charlie and Kai to spend time together. Drama on and off the set soon take a toll on Charlie’s well-being, forcing her to choose if life in front of the camera is worth sacrificing life behind the scenes.

Sugar is a contemporary romance, set in the high-pressure commercial kitchens of New York and Seattle. A funny and clever story of how a female chef learns to thrive in the ruthless world of premier restaurants.

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