Review: My Life with the Liars by Caela Carter

My Life with the Liars by Caela Carter

My Life with the Liars is a wonderful middle grade novel. I don’t usually review middle grade books on this blog (reserving those for my other blog,Mom’s Radius), but since I read this book out of my own interest and not as a mom, I thought I’d share it here. I loved this book!

Zylynn was raised in a cult. Right before her 13th birthday her father breaks her out, but Zylynn doesn’t know he’s her father. She doesn’t know much of anything about the normal world. She’s desperate to get back to the Children Inside the Light before she turns 13 and is cast out to the darkness forever.

This first-person narrated book is so well written. It’s amazing to think about all of the things that Zylynn would not know being raised in a cult. I couldn’t put this book down. It was just so fascinating. I love books dealing with extreme religion, but this book is by far the best that I have read.

I was a little frustrated with her father and his wife because I didn’t feel like they did a good job explaining anything to Zylynn. I can see why that was done. It would have made the book resolve too quickly if they had explained things, but as a mother it was hard to read about their poor parenting.

Other than that one issue, this book was flawless. Middle grade fiction doesn’t always appeal too me, but this book wasn’t at all “dumbed down.” It’s very intelligent and insightful. It would spark great conversation with children and adults alike. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 Stars

My Life with the Liars
Caela Carter
Middle Grade Fiction
March 8, 2016

Perfect for fans of Mockingbird and Counting by 7s, Caela Carter’s middle grade debut is a story of one girl’s strength and courage as she decides who she is and what she will believe in.

Behind the white-washed walls of the compound, life was simple. Follow the rules, “live in the Light,” and all would be well. Zylynn was excited to turn thirteen and begin the work of bringing others into the light, to save them from the liars and the darkness of the outside world. But when she is taken away by a man who claims to be her father, Zylynn is confused and desperate to return to her home.

Zylynn resists her new life—until she finds small comforts like shampoo, the color pink, and strawberries. But as her thirteenth birthday approaches, Zylynn must make a difficult decision—to stay with the enemy or find her way back to the light. And neither may be what it seems.

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