Review: The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

I’ve been working my way through Moriarty’s books over the last 10 months. This book was the last one. That’s somewhat fitting given the title. In a similar style to Big Little Lies and The Husband’s Secret, Moriarty starts this book off slowly with the introduction of many characters. Knowing her style, I understood that as the book progressed these characters’ stories would be come intertwined into an interesting work of fiction. All three books build up to a big reveal at the end, so the slow start seems worth it.

Unfortunately this book is not as well executed as her more recent titles following this style. I really liked the characters, but the book was just too detailed. I listened to it on CD audiobook in my car, and it took almost the full three week loan period to get through it. I found myself wishing I had it on e-audio, so I could speed it up a bit.

I really loved the setting – a private family island, similar to We Were Liars (3 stars). I really felt like I was there with Sophie based on some of the descriptions. I also loved the female-dominated family dynamics. I always enjoy a good dysfunctional family story, and this book had the makings of a great one. It just dragged on too long. It’s still worth your time if you’re a Moriarty fan, but if you haven’t read any of her books before, I advise against starting with this one.

Rating: 3 Stars

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The Last Anniversary
Liane Moriarty
July 22, 2014
Audio CD

Sophie Honeywell always wondered if Thomas Gordon was the one she let get away. He was the perfect boyfriend, but on the day he was to propose, she broke his heart. A year later he married his travel agent, while Sophie has been mortifyingly single ever since. Now Thomas is back in her life because Sophie has unexpectedly inherited his aunt Connie's house on Scribbly Gum Island -- home of the famously unsolved Munro Baby mystery.

Sophie moves onto the island and begins a new life as part of an unconventional family where it seems everyone has a secret. Grace, a beautiful young mother, is feverishly planning a shocking escape from her perfect life. Margie, a frumpy housewife, has made a pact with a stranger, while dreamy Aunt Rose wonders if maybe it's about time she started making her own decisions.

As Sophie's life becomes increasingly complicated, she discovers that sometimes you have to stop waiting around -- and come up with your own fairy-tale ending.

As she so adroitly did in her smashing debut novel, Three Wishes, the incomparable Liane Moriarty once again combines sharp wit, lovable and eccentric characters, and a page-turning story for an unforgettable Last Anniversary.

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