Review: The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney

The Girl Before was a terrific suspense story. It’s written in alternating timelines. In the present, Jane is looking for an apartment after a devastating still birth. In the past, Emma and her boyfriend are trying to escape memories of a horrific break-in. Both women move into a rather futuristic house, built by Edward Monkford, with incredibly cheap rent with the caveat that they have to agree to a huge list of rules and some amount of monitoring and periodic check-ins with the house’s computer system, Housekeeper. In Jane’s plot line we know that Emma has died, but we don’t know exactly how. Both women get involved with Edward who also has a mysterious past with a dead wife and child.

This book was very well written. The chapters were short and clearly labeled. I couldn’t help but keep reading. The suspense was perfectly paced. I was kept guessing through the whole book. I enjoyed the psychological aspects of the story so much. I don’t want to say too much, but this book is definitely worth reading if you enjoyed Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train (and maybe even if you liked 50 Shades of Grey, which I haven’t read).

Rating: 4 Stars

Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This fact does not in any way impact my thoughts/feelings about the book.

The Girl Before
J. P. Delaney
Ballantine Books
January 24, 2017

A psychological thriller that spins one woman’s seemingly good fortune, and another woman’s mysterious fate, through a kaleidoscope of duplicity, death, and deception—and the hottest title at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair.

A damaged young woman gets the unique opportunity to rent a one-of-a-kind house. When she falls in love with the sexy, enigmatic architect who designed it, she has no idea she is following in the footsteps of the girl who came before: the house’s former tenant.

The eerie parallels in the two girls’ lives lay bare an enthralling story…and make this novel the must-read thriller of the season.

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    1. I’m not sure I read any other reviews on this book. I got it from NetGalley a while ago. I thought it was really well done. I’ll have to keep any eye out for other reviews. I’m curious what other people are saying.

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