Marketing via Little Free Libraries

Marketing via Little Free Libraries

I am not someone who likes to keep books. Clutter stresses me out. I had stock piled a considerable amount of review copies of books – some I loved, some I liked, some I didn’t care for – but regardless, I didn’t want to keep them all. I just don’t have enough shelf space in my room. I wanted to make space for new books that may be coming my way. I have been meaning to try a Little Free Library for the past couple of years, so I figured why not donate these books to Little Free Libraries around town. And while I was at it, I thought I’d use it as a marketing channel.


Several months ago I ordered Avery 8164 labels from Amazon with the intent of using them for this purpose. The Avery website makes it really easy to design and print for their products. I’d used it previously for business cards. I added my blog logo and the URL to the large label layout and started printing.

Avery 8164 Labels
Opinionated Book Lover book tags printed on Avery 8164 labels.

Then I gathered all of my old review books, spent an evening making sure I’d emailed my review links to the publishers, and stuck stickers inside each book.

Two bags of books labelled with logo stickers for drop off at Little Free Libraries
Two bags of books, labelled, and ready for distribution.


I used’s map to find locations near me. And the next several nights as I was out and about around town, I visited 6 Little Free Libraries and dropped off the books. (One of the 6 libraries was stuffed to the max, so I only left books at 5 libraries.)

5 Little Free Libraries

I don’t know how often people borrow books from these libraries, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to stock them with some new books. And if those books had my blog information in them, all the better, right?

I have another batch to deliver soon, but I’m waiting until I head to another part of town for book club at the end of the month.


Have you ever used a Little Free Library? Would you visit a blog advertised in one of the books you found there?

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    1. Thanks! I’m not sure I’ll ever know if people found me that way, unless they comment or email after visiting the blog. But I figured it couldn’t hurt.

  1. I have donated review books to a Little Free Library nearby, but never thought to include stickers. I have bookmarks for my blog, and might throw some of those in next time. Couldn’t hurt! I might visit a blog if I saw it on a sticker in a donated book… Of course I’m not really the target audience because I am trying to have fewer books in the house, rather than picking up more.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know there was a site to find locations! I’ve never even thought to do this, but I do have some books that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with because I won them in a prize pack giveaway but don’t want all of them. And there aren’t even any used bookstores in my area to trade them. I’ll definitely look and see if there are any Little Free Library locations near me. Thanks for the great idea!
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: The Man in the Long Black Coat (Dale Bruyer Book 1) by J.L. AarneMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome. That was my thought exactly. My public library does a sale, but other than that I wasn’t sure how to get rid of all of these books. The marketing part was a bonus idea.

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