Discussion: Writing 3-Star Reviews

Writing 3-Star Reviews

I’ve seen many blog posts about people struggling with writing negative reviews. I’ve never had that problem. My challenge is always writing 3-star reviews. And here’s why.

When reviews are easy

If I love a book, I want to gush about it. I have a million reasons why everyone needs to read this book. I loved the plot. I loved the characters. I found the book so essential that it should be high school curriculum type reading. Ya know?

And when I hate a book. (Yeah, I’m saying “hate.”) I know exactly why. Maybe the main character was super annoying. Maybe nothing happened in the book. (I need plot. You know this.) Whatever the issues, I won’t have difficulty discussing them. I rather enjoy a good rant. I won’t mind telling everyone why they shouldn’t waste their time on said book.

When reviews are hard

But…what about when I feel just kind of “meh” after finishing a book? That’s when things become challenging for me. Everything was just…OK. I don’t have a lot to say. Or perhaps I wait a while after reading the book to attempt to write a review. And then…I can’t even remember what happened! Seriously.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME with 3-star reviews. I am entertained well enough while reading the book, but nothing really stands out to me. So when I’m reflecting back on my reading experience, trying to come up with something to say, I cannot think of ANYTHING.

Does this happen to anyone else?

What type of reviews do you struggle with most?

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  1. If I dislike a book, I find I have a lot to say about it. Sometimes, though, I have difficulty writing 5 star reviews. It can be hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I loved. It’s more just like the feeling I get when I’m reading, which can be hard to put into words.

    But I agree, writing that middle-of-the-road review can be difficult, too. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of my reviews are like that, lots of 3 and 3.5 stars. The books are good, but not great.

    1. I see what you mean about 5-star reviews. Sometimes I have that problem when the book is just perfect for me, but it’s hard to explain why I loved it so much. Good point.

    1. Yes! Definitely. My new “recent reads” posts are going to make it a lot easier to mention these books. I will still have some full length 3-star reviews for ARCs, but in general it should make blogging a lot easier for me. 🙂

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