Low-Rated Books I Loved

I saw this post by Lauren at Bookmark Lit earlier this week, and I was so curious about my own reading. I needed to know which books I loved that had a lower average on Goodreads. I decided to cut it off at 3.4 stars, and these are books that I rated 4-stars or 5-stars.   Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult Average Rating: 3.19 Stars My Rating: 5 Stars Why I love it: I read this book when I was in college, maybe before, and it was one of the first books I read with alternating perspectives and a non-linear timeline. It’s […]

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Review: The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

I love a good amnesia story, and The Upside of Falling Down was a pure delight. Clementine wakes up in a hospital in Ireland after surviving a plane crash, and she cannot remember anything about her life. She doesn’t know what she’s doing in Ireland or why she was on that plane. She panics when she learns her father has arrived from America, and she convinces a nice young Irishman that she’s been mugged and just needs somewhere to stay for a couple of days. This book was packed with wonderfully nice characters. I loved Clementine’s male nurse at the hospital, and of course Kieran, the […]

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Discussion: Writing 3-Star Reviews

Writing 3-Star Reviews

I’ve seen many blog posts about people struggling with writing negative reviews. I’ve never had that problem. My challenge is always writing 3-star reviews. And here’s why. When reviews are easy If I love a book, I want to gush about it. I have a million reasons why everyone needs to read this book. I loved the plot. I loved the characters. I found the book so essential that it should be high school curriculum type reading. Ya know? And when I hate a book. (Yeah, I’m saying “hate.”) I know exactly why. Maybe the main character was super annoying. Maybe nothing happened in the […]

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Recent Reads #2

Recent Reads 2

The four books I’m sharing today are by authors I’ve read and loved before, but sadly, only one of these recent reads lived up to my expectations. Books I’ve read recently Twelve (Naturals #4.5) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes I just mentioned last week that The Naturals is one of my favorite series of all times, so obviously I pre-ordered this novella via Amazon Kindle. I kind of hate that about novellas in general – that you can only buy them to read in ebook form versus getting them from the library, but I digress. This story is a prequel and sequel all at once because it […]

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Review: Between the Lies by Cathy MacPhail

Between the Lies by Cathy MacPhail

Between the Lies definitely kept me on my toes. In this book a high school student is missing, and no one knows where she is, but another girl receives a text message saying she wants to come home. Thus begins a whirlwind of twists and turns. The narration flips between the outcast girl receiving the mysterious texts and the popular girl who’s gone missing, and I honestly didn’t know who to trust. This book takes place in Ireland, so that was a fun aspect. And it’s a pretty quick read, but in the end it didn’t stand out too much in my mind. I was […]

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Review: Speed of Life by Carol Weston

Speed of Life by Carol Weston

Speed of Life in a coming of age middle grade book aimed at readers on the older end of that genre. Sofia’s mother died a year ago, and she has a lot of questions for a woman. She starts reaching out to Dear Kate after a school assembly, and she find her extremely helpful. But when Sofia’s dad’s new girlfriend turns out to be the real life Kate, things get a little tricky. This book is very character driven. The focus is on Sofia of course, but we also learn a lot about her parents, Kate and her daughter, and Sofia’s best friend. The story follows […]

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Book Round Up: Compelling Reads

Compelling Reads

Last summer I wrote a column in Country Woman magazine on books you won’t be able to put down. Today I am sharing those three books along with other compelling reads.   The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen With neighborhood drama, multiple characters/perspectives, and many secrets, this book is the perfect recipe for a domestic suspense novel. I couldn’t put it down. 4 Stars   Always by Sarah Jio The main character sees her old boyfriend homeless outside of a restaurant one night while out with her fiancé. It’s only natural that she becomes a little obsessed and determined to help […]

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Recent Reads #1

Woman reading on an e-reader

Recent Reads is a new series I am going to try for 2018. Part of why I sucked at blogging during the last quarter (half?) of 2017 was that I was very overwhelmed by the amount of books I was reading, the lack of notes I took while reading, and the pressure I was putting on myself to review every book I read. One of the reasons I started blogging in 2015 was to remember why I liked the books I did and why I disliked some others I’d read. Writing my reviews for my own reference was very helpful, but I’ve noticed a very […]

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5 Favorite Book Series

Favorite Book Series

I’ve talked a lot about some of my favorite books, but I don’t know that I’ve done a post before on my favorite series. And since I just share my screen-based analogy of books, which concludes that book series are the ultimate reading experience for me, I thought I needed to remedy that oversight ASAP. So…here it is! My 5 favorite book series of all times   Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling I’ve said a lot about Harry Potter. You may recall my post about why I love Harry Potter.   The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer I’ve talked about these books a lot too. […]

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Review: The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

I was so excited to read The Austen Escape because I loved Katherine Reay’s earlier Austen-related novels, but unfortunately this book did not live up to my expectations. It’s been a couple of months since I read this book (since I’ve been slacking on blogging), so rather than a traditional review, I am going to share the things I liked and disliked about this novel. What I liked about this book The Austen stuff, obviously. I enjoy Reay as an author because she writes Austen-spinoffs. That’s what attracted me to this book, and I really enjoyed Mary and Isabel’s foray into an Austen-like world.  However, I […]

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